About IDWL

International Door & Window Laboratories Pty Ltd was established in 2008 in Australia due to increased demand in the Australian and international door hardware industry and the door and window fabrication industry, where certified testing compliance to Australian and international standards and building codes has become mandatory in the markets its clients operate.

To assist with this increased demand, IDWL has achieved internationally recognised NATA accreditation for weather testing and smoke testing of doors and windows. Accreditation No. 16929.

More recently, IDWL commissioned the very latest EN ISO 10140 series acoustic test laboratory.

IDWL’s state-of-the-art testing facilities are backed by a team of engineers and technicians with over 40 years’ experience in the door and window sealing industry.

NCC Compliance

The NCC offers multiple paths to achieve compliance to meet its requirements. These can be in the form of a Deemed-to-Satisfy construction where a prescriptive form of construction is identified and will meet the minimum requirement for compliance. Test methods may also be specified as part of the Deemed-to-Satisfy requirements. The other form is a performance solution or a mixture of performance solutions and Deemed-to-Satisfy solutions. With a performance solution the form of construction performance must be considered equivalent to the Deemed-to-Satisfy construction. Engineering and scientific methods are used to determine the performance in such cases. These can be in the form of calculations, professional assessments and testing to verify the performance of construction. Testing can also be used to verify the objectives of the NCC Deemed-to-Satisfy form of construction is achieved and, in many cases, exceeded.

IDWL can provide these services in the fields of smoke testing, weather testing and acoustic testing.

Smoke Testing
Testing to AS 1530.7 to provide smoke leakage after a smoke door has been exposed to 200°C for 30 minutes. It is accepted that door sets meeting the leakage rates specified in AS 6905 when tested to AS 1530.7 provide a performance solution for smoke doors.

Acoustic Testing
The NCC stipulates in class 2 and class 3 buildings that entry doors to sole-occupancy unit door sets are required to perform to at least Rw30 when rated to ISO 717-1. IDWL can perform tests to provide an Rw rating for door sets to achieve the acoustic requirements that are outlined in the NCC and where acoustic engineers provide performance solutions.

Weather Testing
The NCC stipulates external glazed windows and doors must meet the requirements of AS 2047. AS 2047 calls up testing to AS 4420.1. The IDWL weather testing facility allows testing to this standard to ensure the window being tested will meet the stringent performance requirements outlined in AS 2047 and the NCC.